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Unexpected Applications for AGV Success, part 5

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Over the past 4 blog posts, we’ve taken a look on some ways that Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have proven their worth beyond traditional applications. These included cold storage, automatic truck loading and automatic truck unloading (yes they are different from each other), and narrow aisle storage. All of these topics cover places where these autonomous mobile robots can be used to bring further value to your operation. They are all covered in our most recent whitepaper, ‘Five Unexpected Applications for AGV Success’, we outline several ways where AGVs can bring you value.

In this final blog post of the series, we’ll cover machines that can work for you and with you.

Dual-Use AGVs Working for You or Right Along Side You

Historically, the purpose of AGVs was to perform work without people or separately from workers. This approach is changing with next generation Dual-Use AGVs. These machines can operate as both traditional manual truck and as AGV (working completely autonomously or in sync with workers).

For an each-pick distribution center — where orders are cases and not pallets — Dual-Use AGVs provide valuable, labor-saving picking options, and can be much less expensive than an AS/RS or conveyor solution. The AGV automatically follows a worker at all times during picking for an efficient, ergonomic order fulfillment technology solution.

The worker simply drives into an aisle and steps off to begin picking. The AGV automatically maintains an exact distance from the worker and the racking or pallet positions. The AGV takes control of driving and steering, freeing the worker to concentrate fully on picking/putting. When the worker stops for the next activity, the AGV advances to the appropriate pallet position.

This approach eliminates the time-consuming actions of getting on and off the machine to move to the next location and also walking with product over distance. The result can translate into a 30% increase in picking performance. Learn about our latest dual-use vehicle the iGo neo, here.


You can read about other unexpected Applications for AGV Success in our previous blog posts, or download the entire whitepaper, ‘Five Unexpected Applications for AGV Success’ here.