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ProMat 2011 A Big Success for Egemin

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Mark Stevenson, Formerly Of Egemin Automation, Introduced Morphing Forklift And Agv At Promat 2011

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN – Mark Stevenson, formerly of Egemin Automation, Introduced Morphing Forklift and AGV at ProMat 2011 in Chicago.

Egemin Automation, Inc. is a 35-year-old company specializing in Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) design and manufacturing. With a significant increase in demand for robotic technology, from the food and beverage industry, the company plans to add at least ten new workers to the operations in Holland.

For the past twenty years, Stevenson has worked with many of the world’s largest corporations on the design and implementation of automatic guided vehicle systems, including two of the first automatic trailer loading system in the United States, and he holds a patent as a co-inventor of ATL technology. Stevenson is recognized as one of the foremost authorities and subject matter experts on the design and application of automated trailer loading systems and warehousing automation with automatic guided vehicles.

Last week at ProMat 2011, the man-a-board forklift and the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) finally become one. Morphing manual and automatic operations onto a standard off-the-shelf forklift provides manufacturing and distribution centers the ultimate in material handling flexibility. The ProMat 2011 Trade Show in Chicago, Illinois, was the launching pad for Egemin’s new Hybrid Automated Guided Vehicle.

Egemin Automation Inc. ( is the leading manufacturer of AGVs and Warehouse Management Systems since 1976. Egemin is a worldwide organization operating on six continents. Egemin’s Center for AGV Excellence is located in Holland, Michigan, where it employs all disciplines as the AGV industry leader. All AGV technologies including design, software, and support, are developed and owned by Egemin. Over 5,000 AGVs have been manufactured and installed; many are being used by Fortune 500 companies.