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Egemin Secures Large ATL & Automated Warehouse Project

Egemin Automation’s continuing leadership in Automated Warehousing and Automatic Trailer Loading has resulted in another contract to supply a fully automated production warehousing and automatic trailer loading system for a major food and beverage corporation in the USA. The system will consist of a large fleet of Egemin E’tl Automatic Trailer Loading vehicles and will […]

Egemin Secures Unloading and Loading Over-The-Road Trailers Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Egemin, the world leader in Automatic Trailer Loading/Unloading with AGVs announces the release of ATL 2.0. Since the first announcing of its Automatic Trailer Loading system in 2007, Egemin has continually increased the speed of loading trucks and the ability to load the widest range of load types and tolerances with AGVs. And now, Egemin […]

New AGVs for Kimberly-Clark

Egemin Automation has developed and commissioned a brand-new AGV system for the American multinational paper and pulp company Kimberly-Clark. The five-vehicle automated guided vehicle system has been delivered to Kimberly-Clark’s paper plant in…