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KION Dealer Day success for Dematic Egemin and the iGo neo

The iGo neo product demo at the KION North America dealer meeting.

Last week, Dematic Egemin was proud to join KION North America for their Dealer Day sales meeting, held at the Charleston Convention Center. Over 150 dealer reps from 70+ KION North America dealerships attended the event and spent the day learning about new products and related items. For Dematic Egemin, it meant the opportunity to showcase the new iGo neo, a dual-use automated guided vehicle (AGV).

The iGo neo is powered by KION company STILL and will be sold in North America by Dematic, and is the first walkie-rider vehicle that SAFELY follows alongside a picking operator without the need to drive the vehicle between picks, make infrastructure additions, or changes to a facility. John Clark and Nathan Wolf of Dematic Egemin gave a presentation along with a iGo neo demo, and answered questions from attendees.

Over the course of 13 small group demos of the iGo neo, the KION dealers learned about the machine, what it could, how it worked, and some even tested it personally. The verdict after a full day of demos is that the market is ready for the iGo, and that many dealers were eager to talk to their accounts about it.

This was the 2nd time the iGo was demonstrated in North America. It was unveiled at the Dematic Material Handling and Logistics Conference the previous month. The next scheduled demo of the iGo neo will be at the Modex trade show in April 2018 in Atlanta.