Automated Warehousing for Food and Beverage Facilities

On-time delivery of products for outbound shipments is as important as on-time delivery during food production. Product left on the shelves for too long can expire, rendering it unsellable. By utilizing E’wms along with automation, you can rest assured the process is optimized and your customers get unspoiled product. Egemin can help you resolve these issues with automated material handling in food warehousing areas.

Optimizing Storage and Outbound Food and Beverage Products

Optimization of your supply chain happens when all the pieces fit together properly. Minimizing spoilage and making your system efficient happens through the right automation solutions. Egemin Automation utilizes the following technologies to best serve your food warehousing needs:

  • Transport of finished goods in storage or other areas via AGVs
  • Monitoring, tracking, and tracing product via E’wms
  • On-time delivery of FIFO outbound goods via AS/RS or AGVs
  • Conveyors with sortation to get the right materials to the correct storage areas