Material Handling for Food and Beverage Production

On-time delivery of raw materials or WIP food products is imperative for maximizing product quality. Meeting all standards of safety is of utmost importance. We can help solve these issues via automated material handling in food production areas.

Getting Your Materials Where You Need Them, When You Need Them

In order to best serve your customers, you need the best product possible. Egemin Automation Inc. utilizes the following technologies to best serve your food production needs:

  • Transportation of containers via AGVs
  • Monitoring, tracking, and tracing products via E’wms
  • On-time delivery of required ingredients via AS/RS or AGVs
  • Conveyors with sortation to get the right materials to the correct stations
  • Transporting frozen product in and out of cold storage via AS/RS, and introduction into production area via linked conveyor

By utilizing automation, you ensure you get first-in/first-out (FIFO) products pulled from storage and delivered to your production areas. No more wasted food because of spoilage. No more delayed production because of misplaced product.