WMS Software for Wholesale and Retail DCs

Egemin Automation Inc. understands that in today’s market wholesale and retail distribution centers must strive to meet the ever-changing demands of their customers. The life cycle of products is becoming much shorter, with more and more new products being launched. The success of each wave of new products is often difficult to predict. At the same time, distribution centers must continue to deliver large quantities.

Efficiency and Reliability

In order to remain competitive, you need an efficient logistics system which meets your companies requirements in terms of storage, order picking, and distribution. Using emulation and simulation studies, we can model the installation in your facility using your own data. With our technologies we can test various logistics models and map your future capacities.

E’wms Software

Due to the great variety of items and the large number of orders to be processed, a powerful order picking system and warehouse management system (WMS) is a must. Egemin Automation Inc.’s E’wms® software manages all warehouse activities and calculates the required replenishment of products and priorities based on the available stock in the flow rack conveyors, requested order quantity, time necessary for transport, number of cases, etc. This can considerably increase productivity in your order picking process.

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