Warehouse Management System Software for E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

With a sharp increase in electronic purchasing, mail order companies have grown to become e-commerce businesses. Online sales of books, multimedia, clothing, and other consumer products will continue to grow. Other companies are also increasingly offering their products online.

E-Commerce Success

In order to remain successful, e-commerce businesses must respond swiftly to the ever growing market demands. To do this they must follow a price-conscious policy and organize simple order processes; in terms of logistics, this means picking orders and delivering them in a timely manner without error. According to a simple logistics process at a low operational cost.

In addition to this, returns logistics—which can be as much as 25 to 30% of outgoing logistics—must be organized seamlessly.

Fine-tuned Warehousing and Distribution

Egemin Automation Inc.’s automatic warehouse and distribution systems perfectly meet the stringent logistics requirements of e-commerce order fulfillment. Our warehouse management system software provides smooth control and flow of goods from: receiving, picking, replenishment and shipping. Your company will see the results of this system through increased order accuracy, faster throughput, and highly satisfied customers.