Decrease Distribution Costs with Zone Picking

Zone Picking is our proficient order picking concept for applications with many articles, and for small orders with a restricted number of order lines and short delivery times. Egemin’s zone picking solutions are ideal for distribution centers with a large product range and fast moving products.

We offer the following zone picking solutions:

  • Product picking from zone-to-zone
  • Batch picking with sorting area


  • Shorter walking times lead to reduced distribution costs
  • Ergonomically designed picking stations and positions of conveyors and totes increase productivity
  • Increased quality of deliveries: fewer picking errors, shorter throughput, higher picking efficiency
  • Software supported picking methods (order per order, wave or batch picking, pick & sorting out)
  • Software supported picking technologies (pick-to-light, voice picking, RF picking, pick-to-list and pick-to-label)

Concept Components

Application for Zone Picking

Among several others, Zone Picking is used in the following markets: