Integrated Picking of Pallets, Totes, Boxes, Etc.

Egemin’s integrated picking concept combines automated storage, compact picking, and zone picking solutions. Some warehouse and distribution applications are more complex due to the nature of their distribution model. Orders must therefore be picked at various levels: full pallets, totes, boxes, or individual items.


Due to the complexity of the order picking process, integrated picking concepts often have several material flows; with replenishment from various manual or automatic warehouses. This requires a powerful warehouse management system (WMS system) with a dynamic transport and route management system. Integrated picking systems bring the following benefits:

  • On-time and accurate deliveries
  • Ideal for highly complex concepts
  • Handling of cross-docking operation from goods reception to dispatch
  • Support of value-added logistics (custom labeling of boxing, preassembly of articles)

Concept Components

Integrated picking applications require an integrated logistics system that allows you to pick any order in the most fitting way. For integrated picking applications we combine systems such as:

  • One or several high-capacity AS/RS systems controlled by Egemin’s E’car® software for pallets, totes and/or cartons
  • Automated sorter and transport systems
  • Consolidation buffer (manual or automatic) for replenishment of packing zones or docks
  • Ergonomic and efficient picking & packing stations

Applications for Integrated Picking

Integrated order picking is used for applications with complex goods, in which orders are picked at different levels in the following markets: