Save Time Order Picking with Egemin’s Compact Picking

Compact picking is our efficient goods-to-man concept for distribution centers with slow-moving products, a large number of articles, and orders with relatively few order lines. If orders are picked from several work stations, compact picking can help you to reduce the time required for picking by up to 70%.

In our compact picking concepts, the outfeed of goods traditionally takes place from an automated warehouse. Goods are brought via a goods-to-man concept to order picking stations where they are individually picked. Compact picking concepts are ideal for order picking of heavy to light products based on pallets, trays, or totes as storage device.


  • Shorter walking times lead to increased picking productivity and lower picking costs
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Space and cost efficient
  • Easier and faster paperless order picking

Concept Components

Applications for Compact Picking

Among several others, compact picking is used frequently within the following markets: