Combined Warehouse Solutions

Some warehouse applications have a strongly variable rotation of goods with both fast moving and slow moving products. These products can best be stored in different warehouses for better stock rotation.

Fast and Slow Movers

Fast moving products represent a small part of this and are responsible for the majority of the orders. These goods are dispatched at a high capacity—for example, with automated warehouse cranes and conveyor systems.

Slow moving products, the majority of the stock, only make up a small amount of the orders. These slow rotation goods are stored in a separate warehouse with many corridors. An AGV system, which in this case is responsible for the receipt and dispatch of goods, leads to a more flexible logistics system in comparison with conveyors. With AGVs, your floor space also remains completely free and it is simpler to expand the system in the future.

Combined Warehouse Systems

Egemin Automation integrates various storage and transport systems for better rotation of the goods in your warehouse(s). This demands an intelligent logistics concept which allows flawless links between various systems.

We currently develop the following combined warehouse systems: