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Egemin opens new AGV testing facility

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Since late 2009, Egemin has been growing at rapid pace. With hybrid AGV sales going through the roof, a proven automatic trailer loading and unloading solution along with numerous warehouse management system orders, the need for a dedicated testing facility was necessary.

The new testing facility has six dock doors for automatic trailer loading and unloading operations, drive-in racking, push-back racking, static pallet racking and end-of-line conveyor stations. Currently, there are two automatic battery exchange systems installed in the test facility that allow for full system test prior to shipment to the customer. Automated trailer loading and unloading testing often requires multiple racking configurations, end-of-line picking capabilities, deep lane storage and delivery directly to the trailer or to pre-staging lanes. The new facility has been set up to handle all of these scenarios.

Companies in the food, beverage, plastics, consumer goods and big box retail distribution markets have chosen Egemin automated guided vehicles for their flexibility, familiarity, reliability and affordability. Combined with Egemin’s Warehouse Management System (E’wms), organizations are realizing better than expected returns on investment using the Egemin automated guided vehicle solution.