Egemin History

The Egemin name brings a strong history of success. With its humble start providing navel electricity repair work, the company provided a quality product and service that was second to none. This business model, which is still in place today, was the cornerstone to Egemin’s growth and prosperity over the past six decades.

At the World Fair of 1958 in Brussels, Egemin entered the material industry by contracting with a German company for the delivery of forklift trucks. Since that time Egemin has expanded into cargo handling operations, in-floor chain conveyors, roller conveyor, automated guided vehicle systems, AS/RS systems, and warehouse management systems.

In 1976, Egemin started working on the development of an automatic driverless control system for use in several industrial and commercial applications. Out of this technology came the automated guided vehicle, known as the Mailmobile, which is utilized for delivering mail in large office buildings. The first Mailmobile system was deployed at the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Since that time, thousands of Mailmobile vehicles have been installed and have moved millions of pounds of postal and inter-office mail.

Egemin provides state-of-the-art automated guided vehicle systems and warehouse automation solutions within the manufacturing and distribution markets. Egemin has become the leading manufacturer of forklift, automatic trailer loading, tugger, unitload, and hybrid automated guided vehicle systems for industrial environments. Holland, Michigan is Egemin’s global center for AGV excellence, where it employs all diciplines, including design, software development, manufacturing, and life cycle services support.