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Egemin continues to grow in 2015

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After a successful 2013, Egemin Automation again had a particularly good year in 2014. The company grew by double digits in turnover, order intake, net profit and workforce. Good sales in 2013 increased the 2014 turnover to 128.3 million euros, an increase of over 22% compared to 2013. The order intake increased by 18% to 137 million euros. These good figures translate into a net profit of 4.3 million euros. The actual number of staff employed rose to 730, 118 more than in 2013.

Strong growth in all divisions

Egemin Automation’s growth continues equally strong in all four divisions (Handling Automation, Life Sciences, Process Automation and Infra Automation). “The good figures are proof that we did the right thing a few years ago by embarking on our ‘Strategy 2015’.” We are currently on course to achieve this strategy. That is because we keep a tight reign on the internal processes. Additionally, we had a better order selection by a stronger focus on specific target markets and concept solutions,” says Jan Vercammen, CEO of Egemin Group, Egemin Automation Inc.’s parent company.

Egemin grew again strongly in 2014 in sectors such as food (particularly frozen foods, dairy and beverages), pharmaceutical industry, distribution, tank terminals, and infrastructure. Jan Vercammen says, “These are sectors in which Egemin is highly specialized and for which we develop customized concept solutions. In addition to new customers, Egemin also received many orders from existing customers that Egemin supports in all areas of their business, as a consultant and provider of lifecycle services. The internationalization strategy also paid off, with orders in the US and Asia Pacific.”

118 Additional employees to sustain growth

Egemin sets the bar even higher for 2015, with a budgeted order intake of 141 million euros. This growth must come from both the four different divisions and from all the countries where Egemin has an office. Further international expansion continues to play a prominent role in the growth strategy.

To support this growth, Egemin Automation hired 118 additional employees last year, spread over various locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. That brought the total number of employees to 730 in 2014. “By the end of 2015, we expect the total for the entire group to reach 810. So we continue to look for skilled engineers and try to reach them through various channels and initiatives, even before they finish their studies,” concludes Jan Vercammen.