KION Dealer Day success for Dematic Egemin and the iGo neo

Last week, Dematic Egemin was proud to join KION North America for their Dealer Day sales meeting, held at the Charleston Convention Center. Over 150 dealer reps from 70+ KION North America dealerships attended the event and spent the day learning about new products and related items. For Dematic Egemin, it meant the opportunity to […]

Multinational food manufacturer adds 2 E’gvs to fleet

A major food manufacturer has purchased two additional vehicles for its fleet in North America. With these two new vehicles, it will bring the total vehicle count throughout its North American operations to 90 E’gvs. Delivery is scheduled for Q3 2016.

Study at Diesel Filter Manufacturer

A Diesel filter manufacturer has engaged Egemin Automation in a study to determine a plan to reduce product damage and save on labor utilizing automated material handling. The study includes multiple areas of the facility, including high-stack areas, deep lands, and trailer loading & unloading. The product recommendations will be determined by the study results.

Egemin named 18 of Top 20 Systems Suppliers, 2016

Following a strong 2015 and several business moves, Egemin Automation was once again named as 18th in the list of the Top 20 Worldwide Material Handling Systems Suppliers in 2016, per Modern Materials Handling. After being acquired by KION Group of Wiesbaden, Germany, disinvestment of the prior divisions now known as Agidens, and the acquisition […]

New Video: Customer Testimonial, AER Manufacturing

Egemin Automation’s newest case study and testimonial video is available for viewing on YouTube. The E’gv Compact Tugger system at AER Manufacturing is saving labor costs, increasing efficiency, product output, and safety at the showcase plant in Dallas.View it here!