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Bridgestone Places Order to Retrofit Existing AGV System

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Bridgestone’s state-of-the-art tire manufacturing facility located in Tennessee has employed Egemin to replace its 15 year old vehicle controls with the latest, most advanced AGV controls technology available on the market today. The transition between old and new controls will be done without interruption to current manufacturing practices and needs. To do this, Egemin will upgrade a few AGVs at a time and insert them back into the system allowing the newly upgraded AGVs to commingle with the ones yet needing upgrades. This process will continue until all AGVs have received new controls packages.

In 2006, Bridgestone upgraded their external AGV control system, which utilizes Egemin’s E’tricc (AGV Transport Intelligent Control Center) running on a robust Windows XP platform. This upgrade allows Bridgestone increased functionality and flexibility than was possible with the previous control system.

Bridgestone’s original AGV system, installed by Egemin in 1992, has been running 24/7 ever since.