E’wms—Dematic Egemin’s Intelligent Warehouse Management System Software for Automation

Dematic Egemin’s Warehouse Management System (E’wms) delivers efficient and lean material distribution operation systems through unrivaled personnel, inventory, and equipment management. Experience 99.9% inventory accuracy and up to 35% productivity improvement from your automation environment with the cutting-edge warehouse management software from Egemin Automation Inc.

What is E’wms?

The Dematic Egemin Warehouse Management System (E’wms) links your logistic environment and the equipment available in your warehouse. It consists of two main modules and is specifically designed to work with all forms of automation, as well as forklift truck fleets.

Inventory management

The inventory management module of our Warehouse Management System stores product according to the carrier and compartment number, product attributes (owner, lot, quality, abc qualification), storage zone, etc. Cross-docking operations move products for a specific customer from reception directly to dispatch. E’wms allocates warehouse inventory to order lines based on intelligent allocation algorithms: least remaining stock per carrier, FIFO, FEFO, capacity distribution, and optimization, etc. Orders are automatically reallocated to another carrier in case of unexpected product shortages.

Order management

The order management module assigns orders to resources based on priority, due-out time, and order reception time. E’wms supports order-picking concepts such as single order picking, batch picking, and cluster picking. Furthermore, optimization algorithms are implemented for these concepts to fine-tune the product flows.

E’wms Core

The E’wms core functionality includes:

  • Inbound processing
  • Outbound processing
  • Distributed order management
  • Inventory management
  • „„Work orders
  • Goods-to-man / Man-to-goods
  • Maximize labor and equipment efficiencies
  • Designed for fully automatic & manual warehousing
  • Modular software for efficient project configuration
  • Modules are integrated into one base package
  • Designed to integrate with all common ERP software
  • Fully compatible with multi-warehousing

Add-on Modules

E’wms can be customized to suit your needs and work with all of your equipment. These add-on modules help make that possible:

  • Tracking & Tracing module
  • Visualization
  • Satellite storage
  • Statistical & KPI management reporting
  • AGV systems
  • Advanced intake goods reception
  • Location & stock optimization
  • Equipment alarm management
  • AS/RS systems
  • Automatic trailer loading & unloading
  • „Trailer patterning
  • Pick-to-light systems
  • „„Put-to-light systems
  • Yard management
  • Warehouse control system
  • Sortation system