E’wcs—Egemin Warehouse Control System

The Dematic Egemin Warehouse Control System (E’wcs) is a control system that integrates all automated equipment in your warehouse into one well-oiled and efficient transport system. E’wcs is available on stand-alone basis but can also be purchased as an integral part of our E’wms software (Egemin Warehouse Management System). E’wcs consists of a location and a transport management module.

Supported storage methods

E’wcs is fully compatible with all standard storage methods such as pallet racks, mini-loads, block stacking, or drive-in racks, but also supports more complex methods like satellite storage, double deep storage, roll-through racks, and paternoster systems. E’wcs splits up the entire transport assignment in several smaller track segments per transport means (E.g. conveyors, shuttles, cranes, forklift trucks, AGVs, etc.) and controls each sub-transport fully autonomously.

E’wcs functions

E’wcs allows for optimal usage of the available transport means and storage methods. Thanks to E’wcs, each warehouse installation is utilized to the fullest, all loads are equally spread among the available transport means and overload problems are avoided as much as possible. E’wcs integrates the following functions:

  • Controlling the flow of material of individual carriers: pallets, trays, bins, and boxes.
  • Managing open transport assignments from start until end.

Constant and equal supply of carriers

In complex warehouse installations (several large storage zones and / or various working zones), E’wcs takes care of a balanced and continuous supply of carriers to all working stations. This way, E’wcs avoids saturations of your logistic system.

Perfect match with E’wms or other warehouse management systems

E’wcs and E’wms® rolled into one system makes your warehouse work smoothly and increases its efficiency. However, if you already have your own warehouse management system, you can choose to integrate our E’wcs software in your existing WMS and thus achieve optimal management of your warehouse locations and (automatic) transport movements. Finally, E’wcs can provide a serious added value to WMS packages that do not support the typical features of automatic warehouse installations.