E’tricc—Cutting Edge AGV Manager


  • How do I give orders to the vehicles?
  • How will I know that the vehicles will take the correct loads and deposit them at the right locations?
  • How do I keep AGVs from bumping into each other at crossings?
  • How do I survey the overall system?
  • What about efficient troubleshooting?
  • How do I track and trace products?


E’tricc (Egemin Transport Intelligent Control Center) is cutting-edge and real-time AGV management software (Automated Guided Vehicles). E’tricc controls how your vehicles should move in your working environment and makes sure all incoming transport orders are properly managed.

AGV traffic control

Dematic Egemin offers 100% decentralized and centralized traffic control solutions. Factors that determine which type of traffic control is used include the size of the system (number of AGVs) and the application requirements. Both traffic control systems use the AGVs’ characteristics (size, speed, type, and status) to negotiate right-of-way and Guidepath occupancy.

Advantages to these systems are the elimination of a single point of failure. There are no limits to the system size in a centralized traffic control solution since every AGV added to the system adds computing power to the system and gives immediate feedback from each AGV on location and direction, allowing tighter AGV configuration (shadowing).

Graphical monitoring with the layout tool

Part of controlling a system is being able to visualize it. Within E’tricc, you can view a graphical representative of your facility with real-time locations of all AGVs in your fleet. The Layout feature of E’tricc is a tool for supervisors, maintenance, and other personnel who need to know where the vehicles are located and whether or not there is an alarm that needs attention

Dynamic AGV routing

Dynamic Routing allows AGVs to take alternative routes for the same destination based on the overall conditions of the Guidepath. A blocked aisle, an AGV transferring its load, or a highly congested zone will influence the most optimal route.

Based on our true Vehicle-to-Vehicle Traffic Control, Dematic Egemin’s AGVs feature a complete Dynamic Routing mechanism that adapts to the system. This eliminates bottle necks and optimizes the AGV flow to maximize throughput.

Dynamic AGV job scheduling

Assigning the right job to the right AGV at the right time is key to a well balanced, high throughput AGV system. Egemin has always used its unique Look-for-Work logic in order to optimize job assignment to the AGVs.

An AGV system is constantly evolving, E’tricc evaluates job assignments on an ongoing basis, possibly reassigning jobs to different AGVs if they are better suited for the job.