E’tricc Plus: your WES / MES application


  • How do I control warehouse or manufacturing execution without WMS?
  • Why should I need a high-end WMS for my small system?
  • How do I configure my system easily and quickly?


E’tricc Plus is an add-on to your E’tricc software that controls warehouse execution and manufacturing execution functions, is easily configurable, extremely cost-effective, and is ideal for small systems where the complexity of a WCS or WMS is unnecessary. This system is ideal for E’gv Compact applications where a WMS is not needed.


The quick customization of E’tricc Plus allows you to do the set-up without a lot of hassle. You can set up or modify the system functionality in a matter of minutes—not days, weeks, or months. This flexibility is ideal for small systems.

Transport generation

Transports are generated as needed, because the system calculates what is necessary based on pre-set conditions in the system when generating material movements. Keep your system running smoothly with all of your functionality at its peak with E’tricc Plus. Configure point-to-point, I/O- or HMI-driven transports in quickly and effectively.