E’nsor—Egemin Navigation System on Robot

Dematic Egemin AGVs are equipped with a stand-alone navigation system that allows for easy control, programming, and maintenance. Egemin also creates its own software with an open-ended design that allows for integrating new technologies over time without losing control of your system or your investment.

E’nsor navigation methods include the following:

  • Laser
  • Inertial (magnet)
  • Natural Targeting
  • Wire

A combination of several navigation methods on the same vehicle is possible as well. This multi-mode navigation functionality makes E’nsor truly unique in its kind. Thanks to its unique experience in the world of AGVs (over 5,000 vehicles installed worldwide), Dematic Egemin is capable of analyzing each environment thoroughly and always proposes the best navigation technology for each automated guided vehicle system.

Laser navigation

Laser guidance supplies the AGV with the information necessary to travel throughout the facility. There are no visible marks, lines, wires, or other contiguous means of guiding required on the floor. Instead, the travel paths are referred to as virtual paths and reside within the AGV computer. In addition, the vehicle receives continuous absolute location information from reflector targets mounted in the facility.

Inertial (magnet) navigation

As with laser guidance, inertial guidance is flexible and does not require that your floor be cut to lay wires. Rather, magnets (which are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and 2 inches in height) are buried in the facility floor along the AGV’s planned travel paths. The AGV uses a wand-like sensor to detect when it passes over a magnet. Initial AGV location information is achieved by passing over several closely spaced magnets at one of the system’s initialization points. The spacing between these magnets is unique and indicates a specific location and orientation. The AGV receives periodic location information from other magnets embedded at known positions along the virtual path.

Natural targeting navigation

Natural targeting utilizes a laser navigation sensor to triangulate off of facility features, such as walls, I-beams, uniform stacked product in deep lanes, etc. It is primarily used in trailer loading and unloading. This way, the trailers do not need to be modified to allow the vehicles to navigate inside them.

Wire navigation

Wire guidance is one of the oldest forms of AGV guidance. We have maintained our core E’nsor software and use the wire in the floor for guidance. By working from our base AGV software E’nsor, all of our current installation tools such as AutoCAD are used for installation and modifications. Also, if you want to upgrade this system to another guidance technology, you only have to replace the guidance system rather than the whole onboard AGV control system.