Tugger Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Tugger AGVs pull non-driven carts that are hitched with loads, either manually or automatically, with an automated hitch assembly. Tugger automated guided vehicles are the most productive AGVs as they are capable of carrying more goods than any other type. This allows for a considerable increase in capacity and efficiency, especially compared to traditional forklift trucks.

Egemin’s automated man-aboard tugger solution is capable of towing single carts or trains of carts with a large total towing capacity. From a basic loop with operator dispatch to a full-blown manufacturing system integrated with an existing Manufacturing Execution System or Enterprise Resource Planning software, optimizing your production with an Egemin tugger automated guided vehicle system is what you need.

Typical tugger AGV application

A typical tugger automatic vehicle application for this off-the-shelf product consists of a regular loop with predetermined stop locations. Every AGV is assigned a set of consecutive stops where operators can add or remove product and trailers before releasing the vehicle to its next stop. The list of stops is freely and easily configurable at any time.

Without the need for an upper level control system and with Egemin’s unique vehicle-to-vehicle Traffic Control, no single point of failure exists in this solution.

Standard Features:

  • Man-aboard design
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Graphical touchscreen
  • Manual and automatic vehicle dispatch
  • SICK laser bumper safety system
  • Electric steer/drive assembly
  • Industrial lead-acid batteries
  • PC on board running Windows
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction with powder coat finish
  • RF Ethernet (802.11)
  • Ball hitch

Optional Features:

  • Fully automatic hitch/un-hitch mechanism.