Clamp Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Egemin designs and produces automatic guided vehicles equipped with a clamp handling device to handle unpalletized loads, boxes, rolls, etc. These loads are handled, lifted, and transported with delicacy and flexibility.

vert-carton-clampFlat clamp AGVs

Flat clamp (also known as Carton Clamp) automated guided vehicles are used for transport and lifting of loads that are not stored on pallets. Generally, these vehicles are utilized for slipsheet loads of paper products, cereals or grains, or other materials that have a low density.

The clamps and accurate positioning mechanism make sure the loads are not damaged during transport and lifting. Flat clamp AGVs are the ideal solution for block storage and deep-lane stacking of boxes in floor storage warehouses. Vehicles can be designed to carry. pick, or drop two unpalletized loads stacked on top of one another at the same time.

Roll clamp AGVs

roll_clampRoll clamp automated guided vehicles are equipped with hydraulic roll clamps to lift, rotate and stack rolls for the paper & printing industries, plastics and steel processing. The possibility to rotate rolls during transport saves considerable cost, space and time compared to roll clamp vehicles from other suppliers.

AGVs with stabilizing clamps

top-clampForklift AGVs can also be equipped with stabilizing clamps. These clamps are not used to lift the load but to hold the load during transport and provide load stability. Stabilizing clamps can be particularly useful for single-fork automatic guided vehicles that handle various-sized loads and for transportation of tall or light-weight loads.

Standard Features:

  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Graphical touchscreen
  • Manual and automatic vehicle dispatch
  • SICK laser bumper safety system
  • Electric steer/drive assembly
  • Industrial lead-acid batteries
  • PC on board running Windows®
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction with powder coat finish
  • RF Ethernet (802.11)