Standard Automated Guided Vehicle Types

Within Dematic’s extensive lineup of AGVs, the standard models cover the needs of many facilities. Whether you’re looking for simple towing, high-bay storage, stacking, deep lane, or other moves, Dematic makes a vehicle to suit your needs. Our standard vehicles can be equipped with laser, inertial (magnet), natural targeting, wire, or optical guidance.

  • Forklift AGV

    Counterbalance or Straddle vehicles with single fork, dual fork, and reach fork mechanisms.

  • Clamp AGV

    Egemin produces AGVs with clamps to automatically handle un-palletized loads and rolls.

  • Unitload AGV

    AGVs with roller conveyors, chain conveyors, and lift platforms for automatic product transport in production.

  • Tugger AGV

    Automated guided vehicles for automatic towing of wheeled carts with 35,000 or 50,000 lb capacities

  • Trailer Loading AGV

    Egemin E'tl vehicles automatically load and unload common over-the-road trailers