Hybrid AGVS (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Flexibility, Familiarity, Reliability, and Affordability

Dematic’s hybrid Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) provides fully automatic laser guidance and manual material handling transport within manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution environments. The Hybrid AGV increases productivity and profitability through on-time product delivery, zero product and facility damage, and increased safety. Hybrid AGV products are build on standard KION family (STILL, Linde, or Baoli) truck bases with automation added to pack a punch in your system. Run them as fully automated trucks or drive them manually as your needs demand.

Hybrid AGV Core Functionality and Benefits

  • Fully automatic and manual operation
  • Automatic trailer loading and unloading
  • Standard off-the-shelf man-aboard base truck
  • User-friendly operator controls
  • Local service in major US cities
  • Uses standard forklift batteries
  • Manual operation capability eliminates system downtime due to unforeseen events

Hybrid AGV Components

The Hybrid AGV Comes Standard with:

  • Industrial lead-acid batteries
  • Laser guidance and navigation
  • Advanced laser safety systems
  • Graphical touchscreen monitor
  • Windows® OS on solid state drive (SSD) media
  • 802.11 wireless communications

Optional Components Based on Specific System Requirements Include:

  • RFID readers, bar code scanners
  • 3D camera technology
  • Robotic battery exchange system
  • Automatic battery charging
  • Mechanism side-shift systems



  • VNA Trucks

    These vehicles work in narrow aisles without damaging product or structures

  • Lift Trucks

    Invest in a hybrid lift truck for the versatility of having an AGV that can be manually driven!

  • Towing Trucks

    The Straddle Fork is designed for spaces that need a little extra lift height or capacity.