E’gv® Compact Tugger

Egemin’s E’gv® Compact Tugger vehicle has a 10,000 lbs capacity, far outstriping the AGCs available on the market. With its lower starting cost and smaller size, E’gv® Compact can fit in smaller spaces than a standard Egemin AGV.

The E’gv® Compact is designed as the answer to the low-quality low-capacity AGC problem. As a more robust solution, they have much higher capacities than most AGCs on the market, plus they’re designed and built with the quality for which Egemin is known.

A variety of applications

E’gv® Compact Tugger is an economical solution for many facility challenges. Thanks to their versatility, the E’gv® Compact Tugger AGVs can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Point to Point
  • Long-distance transport
  • Just-in-time parts delivery
  • Line delivery
  • Towing trailer trains
  • Cross-docking
  • Towing carts

Standard Features:

  • Off-the-shelf components.
  • Manual and automatic vehicle dispatch.
  • SICK laser bumper safety system.
  • Electric steer/drive assembly.
  • Industrial lead-acid batteries.
  • PC onboard running Windows®.
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction with powder coat finish.
  • RF Ethernet (802.11).
  • Tablet user interface (optional upgrade)
  • ANSI B56.5 compliance.
  • Easy and fast system installation.