Automatic Guided Vehicle Solutions

Dematic Egemin designs and manufactures automated guided vehicle (AGV) types based on standard models and custom designs to fit your automated guided vehicle system needs. We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art technology that will boost your productivity and reduce product damage often caused by human error. With our industry-leading automated systems, your facility will function with remarkable coordination and results.

  • Compact AGV

    Ultra-compact AGV for tight spaces. Faster time to market & lower cost alternative to standard Egemin AGVs

  • Standard AGVs

    Automated guided vehicles with standard chassis and attachment types: fork, clamp, tugger, or unitload.

  • Hybrid AGVs

    Manual-automated machines that can be used by a fork truck driver or as an AGV.

  • Custom AGVs

    AGVs customized from the ground up for your unique needs.

  • Etow Embedded Towline Systems

    Egemin builds in-floor chain conveyor systems for transport & sortation of products