Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) AGV Solutions

Egemin’s VNA AGVs traverse tight spaces in your warehouse. They’re ideal for locations where standard aisle widths are not possible. These vehicles often use inductive or mechanically forced guidance when driving through aisle and laser or inertial navigation in standard aisles. They often need as little as a couple inches of clearance on each side of the vehicle to travel safely in narrow aisle. For facilities currently using manual VNA fork trucks, Egemin VNA AGVs are the ideal move when switching to automation, as your existing racking can be utilized.

Egemin VNA AGVs are not limited to narrow aisles; they’re designed to function anywhere a standard AGV would travel as well. VNA AGVs often utilize a turret-type mechanism that swings between sides and rear of the vehicle.

Egemin VNA vehicles are hybrid vehicles, built on a STILL or Linde based vehicle. Like the standard Hybrid vehicles, they allow a manual fork truck driver to control the vehicle and also allows for fully automatic mode controlled by software.