Automatic Trailer Loading and Unloading Solutions

Extending automation beyond the four walls

Egemin’s automated trailer loading/unloading vehicles are used to load over-the-road trailers with pallets or other unit loads of virtually any required loading pattern, including mixed-orientation patterns and “pin wheeling.”

Egemin Automatic Trailer Loading (ATL) vehicles aren’t limited to trailer loading. They are designed to handle multiple operations. In addition to automatically loading trailers, an ATL is equipped to perform line take-aways, RFID or barcode scanning, and warehouse storage and retrieval up to four levels high without racks, depending on load characteristics.

Egemin Automatic Trailer Unloading (ATUL) vehicles automatically unload trailers without modifications to trailers, docks, or facilities. They’re also capable of trailer loading and all other functions that standard AGVs can complete.

Workplace safety and zero damage is key

Egemin is committed to helping companies achieve a safe working environment. For years organizations have experienced high insurance and workers’ compensation claims for fork truck operator injuries due to continual driving back and forth over rough and uneven dock plates. Egemin’s automatic trailer loading AGV has a rugged design that will work dependably for years in these conditions.

Reduce labor and operating costs

Automatic trailer loading/unloading systems operate 24/7, practically lights-out, and lead to more efficient operations and shorter wait times in shipment areas. This directly leads to labor cost savings and reduces operational expenses.

Navigate where others can’t

The intelligent free-roaming navigation system can handle the widest range of difficult trailer operating requirements where others can’t, including wet floors, frost, and varying wall and floor surfaces. Moreover, the AGVs are capable of performing a full cube-out of trailers. This substantially lowers shipping costs.

As flexible as manual lift trucks

Our trailer loading AGVs don’t require adjustments to existing equipment, dock areas, trailers, or installation of additional hardware or conveyors. Truck loading AGV systems are easily scalable to meet the changing operational needs within production and distribution facilities. They can be used for a large variety of loads, trailers, and handling tasks, which makes them as flexible as manual lift trucks.