End-of-Line Automation with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Egemin’s automatic guided vehicles constitute the perfect link in an end-of-line automation chain. Our AGVs exchange handshake signals with end-of-line equipment like robot palletizers and stretch wrappers to pick finished pallets from conveyors.

Our end-of-line automated guided vehicles are the ideal cost-saving solution to automate the repetitive product flow between production and shipping.

No product damage

Finished products in shipping get repeatedly damaged through manual handling. Thanks to the highly organized way of working and improved traffic safety, our AGVs make sure your goods are delivered undamaged in front of or inside the trailer.

Other benefits

  • Fast ROI (less than 2 years).
  • Optimal stock and transport planning leading to higher operational efficiency.
  • More timely deliveries.
  • Increased safety and quietness on the shop floor.
  • Flexible technology keeps working areas free and makes future modifications simple.
  • Optional location and buffer management in Egemin’s complete line of software for automated systems.