Automated guided vehicles for receiving, warehousing, and distribution applications

Egemin’s automated guided vehicles handle all kinds of storage applications in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of AGVs in warehouses directly reduces labor costs and increases the efficiency and reliability of your storage process.

We can use standard design or fully custom-made automatic guided vehicles, depending on your specific application. Our very narrow aisle (VNA) AGVs drive through narrow warehouse aisles allowing for maximum dense product storage. Other models allow for storing loads up to 6 levels or 30 feet high.

Warehouse storage applications with AGVs

Examples of automatic storage applications with AGVs include:

  • Block storage of pallets, containers, racks, boxes and tubs.
  • Pallet storage in warehouse racks.
  • Vertical storage of reels.
  • Horizontal storage of reels in cradles.

Automatic transport in receiving areas

Egemin’s automated guided vehicles control the full receiving process of raw materials from trailer to processing lines. They make sure your goods are delivered in time without stalling your production process.

Specific applications in receiving areas include:

Automatic transport in distribution areas

Our automated guided vehicles are the ideal transport solution from end-of-line equipment to shipping in distribution centers. Egemin Automation’s automatic trailer loading solution allows to extend automation beyond the four walls of your plant or distribution center, completing the automation puzzle.