Tobacco Industry

Egemin’s automated guided vehicles for the tobacco industry constitute the perfect connecting logistic solution between the various stages of your tobacco production process. AGVs can link the machinery within your primary and secondary department and directly cut back on costs while increasing capacity and operational efficiency.

Automatic handling is made necessary also by health and safety regulations governing the amount of weight that operators are allowed to lift and the number of times they are allowed to lift that weight during a shift. Due to increased complexity of the tobacco process, with more blends and packing requirements, automatic handling is important as well, to eliminate production errors and handle recipe management.

Optimized transport of tobacco blends to feeders

Many tobacco processing plants look for added value with a larger variety of blends in smaller batches. Just-in-time delivery of tobacco materials from primary to secondary is essential to cut costs and save time, especially when switching to another blend.

Our AGV management software, E’tricc®, helps you optimizing the tobacco flows to the most critical points in your process to make sure all tobacco blends are present at the right time and place.

Tobacco transport & storage applications

Examples of AGV applications in tobacco include:

  • Transport of tobacco bins from filling machines in primary and storage in bin warehouse.
  • Transport from warehouse and bin tipping into feeders.
  • Transport of empty bins.
  • Transport of finished cigarettes to warehouse or shipping.
  • Automatic trailer loading.