Textile Industry

Egemin provides cost-efficient transport and storage systems that perfectly respond to the specific needs of the textile industries. Our materials handling solutions transport and store bobbins, carts, carpet rolls, etc., and constitute a flexible logistic link between your production processes.

Egemin’s automated guided vehicles are commonly used in the production of textile products based on natural or synthetic yarns. Our vehicles ensure smooth transfers of your textile products between your spinning mills, twine mills, beam mills, and weaving mills without human intervention.

Egemin’s AGV systems in textiles include:

  • Transport of sliver in spin and/or card cans between blending operations.
  • Transport of palletized packages from spinning to warehouse.
  • Intermediate storage and supply of coating paste to coating lines for technical textile.
  • Intermediate storage and supply of bobbins with natural yarns to dye baths.
  • Intermediate storage and management of drying rooms for dyed yarns.
  • Removal of carpet rolls after carpet sorting machine.
  • Intermediate storage and supply of woven textiles (parent roll) to cutting lines.