Mail Delivery Industry

Boost productivity and drive efficiency with Mailmobile, the pace-setting driverless mail transport system. Mailmobile is the most reliable, efficient delivery person on your staff, saving handling time, manpower, and labor.

Hands-free delivery operation

In a truly hands-free operation, Mailmobile starts and ends its day in the mail center, allowing your staff to focus on mail preparation and sorting. One Mailmobile performing 10 deliveries a day costs less than one manual delivery daily.

Mailmobile doesn’t ask for much

“Please plug me in at night,” said the Mailmobile. Okay, not really. However, Mailmobile is your new superstar. It continues to work, day and night, without the need for expensive insurance benefits, vacation and sick time or delving into office politics. It just works.

Common Mailmobile mail delivery layout