Consumer Goods Industry AGV Systems

Humans are mass consumers of made-for-consumption non-durable goods. Everything from toothpaste to air-fresheners to cleaning supplies—all of these products are transported from one location to another until they show up on the shelves of local supermarkets or stores.

Points of transport for AGVs

  • Automatic trailer unloading of raw materials.
  • WIP transportation of partially manufactured sub-assemblies between production operations.
  • End-of-line transportation of finished goods to warehousing.
  • Automatic trailer loading of goods from warehousing onto common over-the-road trailers.

At each point in the process, transporting product adds zero value. Automated guided vehicles provide efficient transportation of consumer goods while eliminating the costs of non-value added material handling wages and benefits. For more information on the cost advantages of an AGV system, visit the Return-On-Investment page.