Cold Storage Solutions

Cold storage and deep freeze present many challenges for personnel, machines, and electronics. Egemin’s cold storage solutions overcome these hurdles and make your cold storage or deep freeze systems run optimally.

Energy Conservation

Because personnel are required to participate in warm-up periods when working in freezers, labor costs can quickly ramp up in those environments. Automating the freezer areas of your facility can reduce energy consumption and temperature drops associated with doors opening for personnel to exit the freezer. By utilizing an automated interlock, those periods are drastically reduced. Personnel can, in turn, work in more comfortable environments outside the freezer.

Technologies for Cold Storage and Deep Freeze

Egemin Automation has a wealth of experience automating refrigerated, freezer, and deep freeze facilities. Egemin is a proud member of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC).

We currently develop the following cold storage warehouse systems: