Industries Using AGV Systems

Dematic Egemin supplies AGV systems for a wide variety of industries and markets. Over 5,000 AGVs have been manufactured and installed; many are being used by Fortune 500 companies.

  • Automotive

    Automated guided vehicle systems for the automotive and automotive supply industries.

  • Consumer Goods

    Transportation and load tracking of raw, WIP, and finished goods in consumer goods factories.

  • General Manufacturing

    Automated guided vehicles reliably move products between production cells to / from warehousing.

  • Electronics

    Reliable transport of fragile, complex, and sophisticated electrical products.

  • Food & Beverage

    Transport of beer, soft drinks, cereals, candy, snack foods, in-process ingredients, packaging materials, etc.

  • Cold Storage

    Freezer-rated AGVs, deep-freeze AS/RS, or integrated systems that can withstand the most extreme temperatures

  • Newspaper

    Automatic guided vehicles for every process stage in paper and print.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

  • Plastics

    Just turn the key... Man-aboard forklift that operates in both manual and automatic laser guidance modes.

  • Textile

    Lights-out transport of spin and carding cans within textile mills.

  • Tobacco

    Automate the tobacco flows to meet increased complexity of the tobacco process with a variety of blends.

  • Warehouse & Distribution

    AGVs for warehouse storage and retrieval applications, including Warehouse Management System Software.