Training and Maintenance

Egemin places a high level of importance on training and maintenance. As with any piece of equipment, the better it is maintained, the better and longer it operates. Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) are no different. This is why Egemin takes care in effectively training those who will maintain the automatic guided vehicles.

Types of training

Training is separated into two different categories: operator training and maintenance training. Our team of professional trainers will work with you to determine the curriculum and student qualifications required to meet the training objectives.

Operator training

  • System terminology
  • Procedures required for safe operation
  • General vehicle overview—vehicle controls, indicators, and safety devices
  • General system overview—features and capabilities
  • Error recovery procedures

Maintenance training

  • System terminology
  • Procedures required for safe operation
  • Vehicle description including a description of vehicle components and sub-assemblies
  • Functional description of the vehicle’s sub-systems
  • Power and signal system description
  • In-depth description of vehicle operation including operator controls/indicators
  • Manual operation of the vehicle
  • Daily checklist and maintenance of the vehicle
  • Battery pack removal, installation, charging, and all relevant safety
  • Discussion of scheduled maintenance checks and procedures
  • Theory and procedures for troubleshooting
  • Adjustment and replacement procedures for all vehicle mechanical and electrical components