Customer References and Testimonials

reference_rjrR.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

The implementation of our 27 vehicle AGV system was conducted with relatively little problem and much better than expected due to the “commingling” concept and Egemin’s dedicated on-site team. The design and construction of the AGVs is excellent. The project was completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule and after two months of running the system in full production, the AGVs are performing at a high level of reliability and efficiency. Great Job!!”

John Harrison, PE
Senior Staff Engineer / Project Manager
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company


reference_mstMinneapolis Star Tribune Newspaper

“We wanted to replace our old AGV system with one that provided the same basic functionality but with the ability to track and control our inventory. Our AGV selection team unanimously recommended Egemin as the vendor of choice. They were the only vendor that offered us an ability of moving the rolls on arms that extend out from the vehicle and load the press rather than crab into location to load rolls. We felt this was a very desirable situation. Egemin has stood behind us and worked with us, to solve our issues, to fix our problems, and is providing us with an AGV system that I am confident will take us well into the future.”

Dick Ruble
Director of Printing Operations
Minneapolis Star Tribune Newspaper

reference_calmarMeadWestvaco Calmar

“We chose Egemin as our AGV supplier for a number of reasons, one was they own all of the software technology that they use in their AGV systems. It was important to us to not have integration of a third party element that would be critical to our system. Secondly, they design their equipment in-house. When we visited Egemin we were impressed with their engineering capabilities, project management skills and vehicle construction. All-in-all Egemin is very capable in delivering a reliable AGV system. Their service department is responsive to our calls and when components are needed they are shipped promptly. Egemin also had an attractive lead-time at a competitive price. I would certainly select Egemin again.”

Dennis Kelly
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
MeadWestvaco Calmar

reference_jansenJanssen Pharmaceutica“Egemin’s approach was very modular, almost plug-and-play, they were able to prepare and test off-line on their platform and continue testing through plug-and-play on our installation. Egemin has been a key partner with respect to communication. All issues have always been agreed on with Egemin to the last detail so that we both were aware of each other’s difficulties and concerns. This is also our way of striving for flawless performance.”

Leo Berrens
Supply Chain Director
Janssen Pharmaceutica

reference_eurobalticEuro-Baltic Fish Processing Center“We bought two Egemin AGV systems. The system installed in the production environment is an automatic guided vehicle system realizing all of the fish transport. This system is a necessity; it is the only way to be sure that we have the exact stocks required and that the fish for packing gets in the right place when it needs to be packed. The collaboration with Egemin has been excellent both during the course of the project itself and after completion of the first phase of the project. They are available, they provide help in case of failure and when there is a problem, they are quick to find a solution.”

Frank Klober
EDV Leader
Euro-Baltic Fish Processing Center

reference_gpGeorgia Pacific“We decided to automate the transportation of goods with AGVs because it allowed us to save on labor costs and to significantly increase traffic safety within our plant. We chose Egemin as we saw they had successfully completed extremely reliable navigation systems at various companies and because they were able to provide our company with a high-performance solution. The cooperation with Egemin to adjust and optimize the management software for the layout tracks has been very successful. We will continue to work with Egemin in the future because they delivered a dependable base installation.”

Manuel Izaguirre Zabala
Section Head – Roll Converting
Georgia Pacific