About Egemin

Egemin Automation Inc. is the leading provider of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). The company is strongly committed to a foundation of manufacturing strength, engineering excellence, and professionalism.

Egemin Automation Inc. is part of the Egemin Group which is a worldwide organization, operating on six continents, and has a worldwide staff of over 600 automation experts. Over 100 Egemin professionals are dedicated to the AGV product line alone.

Holland, Michigan is the global center of excellence for Automated Guided Vehicles including mechanical design, electrical design, software design, manufacturing, installation and support.

We are fully committed to our customers’ business and totally engaged in each and every project we undertake together. We work with you, as part of the same team, to optimize your production and/or warehouse processes. In this, we let your needs and plans guide us. Egemin thinks along with you. Together we come up with a solution that is geared to your specific situation. This is the best way to get the most from your investment.

Egemin Automation is proud to say that our employees are provided exemplary working conditions, wages, and benefits, tuition reimbursement, hi-tech tools to provide superior products, and support from all levels of management. By providing this type of environment, Egemin is able to retain the highest quality people in the industry. Many of our associates have been with our company for over twenty years.

Each year Egemin is breaking sales records and goals. Because of this, we are continually searching for new, highly motivated, experienced professionals to become a part of the Egemin team and bring in new and exciting ideas and concepts.