Automated Material Handling Solutions

We deliver the following solutions for automated material handling:

  • Automated warehouse & distribution solutions
  • Automated guided vehicle solutions
  • Turnkey Life Cycle Services solutions

Automated warehouse & distribution solutions (e’wds)

We deliver integrated warehouse & distribution solutions for the automatic storage, handling, and distribution of goods. Our solutions are based on the following modular system:

  • Automatic storage & retrieval systems (AS/RS) for pallets, totes, and cartons
  • Conveyor and sorting systems
  • Order picking systems with software supported picking methods
  • Higher-level software for warehouse management (WMS) & warehouse control (WCS)

Automated warehouse & distribution solutions

Automated guided vehicle solutions (e’gv®)

Fully automatic and flexible transport systems that transport all kinds of products without human intervention in production, warehouse and distribution environments leading to higher operational efficiency. Even though E’gv® vehicles consists of off-the-shelf components we always tailor them to fit your needs. They are the ideal solution for:

  • Repetitive transports
  • Low to medium-frequency product throughput
  • Short to mid-distance transport lengths
  • Multi-shift and 24/7 operations
  • Transport in challenging or less operator-friendly environments.

Automated guided vehicle solutions

Turnkey life cycle services

We deliver service throughout the life of your system via:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Mock safety audits
  • Full-service on-site support
  • Emergency support

Life Cycle Services solutions